Blum Denim Women's (1820) Blue Skinny Fit High-Waist Cargo/Joggers: Ankle-Length Stretchable Knitted Denim Jeans for Effortless Style

Rs. 1,449.00

Rs. 2,870.00

Size: 28

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  • High-Waisted Comfort: Enjoy the comfort of high-waisted design with these cargo pocket joggers. Embrace a relaxed fit that combines style with ease for your everyday wear.
  • Stylish Cargo Pockets: Elevate the ordinary with the addition of cargo pockets, adding a touch of style and functionality to these joggers. Embrace the convenience of extra storage without compromising on fashion.
  • Versatile Casual Wear: Keep it casual yet stylish by pairing these joggers with a crop top and sneakers. The versatile design ensures a laid-back look that doesn't sacrifice fashion, perfect for various casual occasions.
  • Trendy Cropped Jacket Combo: Transform your casual look into a trendy ensemble by dressing up with a cropped jacket. Whether you're heading out for a quick errand or a casual meet-up, the combination adds a chic flair to your style.
  • Effortless Jogger Fashion: Break away from the ordinary, as these joggers prove that casual doesn't have to be boring.
Embrace effortless jogger fashion that blends comfort and style seamlessly, making them a must-have in your wardrobe. Step into the world of casual chic with Blum Denim High-Waisted Cargo Pocket Joggers. From the everyday comfort of joggers to the stylish details of cargo pockets, these joggers redefine your casual wear with a touch of fashion-forward flair.