Blum Denim Women's (11828) Dark Blue Skinny Fit High Waist Knitted Denim Jeans: Elevate Your Style with Ankle-Length Comfort and Versatility

Rs. 1,299.00

Rs. 2,615.00

Size: 36

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  • Versatile Styles for Every Taste: Discover a wardrobe essential with our high-waisted jeans, available in a variety of cool styles. Choose between ankle-grazers, flared, wide-leg shapes, fringed hems, and more, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every fashion preference.
  • Iconic All-Denim Look: Elevate your style by tucking a denim shirt into your high-rise jeans, creating the iconic all-denim look. This timeless ensemble is a classic choice that effortlessly combines comfort with chic fashion.
  • Day-to-Night Transition: Seamlessly transition from day to night by pairing a bodysuit with heeled boots and high-waisted skinny jeans. This versatile combination ensures you're ready for any evening occasion with a touch of elegance and style
  • Effortless Casual Vibes: For a laid-back and effortless vibe, throw on a classic tee with chunky trainers. This casual yet chic pairing is perfect for those days when comfort is key, while still maintaining a stylish edge.
  • Quality and Comfort Combined: Our high-waisted jeans are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring not only a fashionable appearance but also a comfortable fit. The stretchable knitted denim material provides the flexibility you need for all-day wear.
No closet is truly complete without the timeless charm of high waisted jeans. Explore a myriad of cool styles, from ankle-grazers to flared and wide-leg shapes, each adorned with fashion-forward details such as fringed hems and more. Tailor your look to your unique style with this essential wardrobe piece.